The Gateway to Space: A Tour of NASA Johnson Space Center

At NASA Johnson Space Center in Pasadena, TX you will get a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of space exploration. You’ll have an inside look at astronaut training and mission control, as well as observe cutting-edge robotics and research. Along the way, you’ll learn about groundbreaking advances in space flight technologies and be able to experience up-close all that it takes to make the impossible possible. You’ll also get a chance to view real artifacts from past missions and gain insight into how astronauts train, live, and work in space. Get ready for an incredible journey into the unknown!

At NASA Johnson Space Center your tour will include visits to these iconic sites: Mission Control – View behind-the-scenes operations of current NASA missions from this historic control center; Astronaut Training Center – Witness astronauts training for space travel and get hands-on experiences with sophisticated equipment; Space Vehicle Mockup Facility – Explore full-scale replicas of space vehicles, such as the International Space Station and the Orion capsule. Plus, you’ll be able to explore numerous other landmarks on the site including Rocket Park, Neutral Buoyancy Lab, and Unity Plaza.

Whether you are a long-time space enthusiast or just curious about what it takes to make human exploration of our universe possible, NASA Johnson Space Center is sure to leave you inspired and awestruck. Book your tour today and join us for an experience that’s out of this world!